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synthetic_turf finalBuilding an artificial turf athletic field from high-end synthetic grass is easy! Sport Surfaces supplies and installs artificial field grass good for any type of installation you want – residential or commercial. Our synthetic grass will look great complementing any outdoor design, or as a golf course to replace high-maintenance grass! We are the leader in the industry when it comes to high-end artificial grass and synthetic grass that truly with stands the test of time, wear and tear. Whether you’re looking for quality field turf artificial grass, low-maintenance synthetic grass, or synthetic grass for a commercial or residential golf green installation – we have what you need to build the perfect artificial grass landscape! Sport Surfaces uses the full Synthetic Surface Technology which is a combination of a technically superior replicated grass surface, installation by our technicians with the highest level of skill and experience, and innovative engineering applied to the sub-surface. This is all geared to produce the finest synthetic grass available in today’s market; from the infill and lines in the surface to our unique installation techniques and processes. It is all seamlessly integrated into an advanced sports turf surface system. The best design, materials, technology and people –that’s our philosophy.

We offer four types of synthetic grass courts depending on your needs and requirements:

Stabilized Road Based and Synthetic Grass

This tennis court is designed for the client that requires a softer court to play on. Road Based construction is also the best possible value for money no matter where you live.

Concrete and Synthetic Grass

This system has been used for many years and would be the most common construction.

Asphalt and Synthetic Grass

Very similar to concrete although softer to play on but is limited by access, soil conditions and availability.

Refurbish Old Clay Court

Stabilize existing clay, reset levels and cover with new synthetic grass for a completely new court.

Polyethylene Synthetic Grass

Surface Upgrade from Polypropylene to the latest Polyethylene surface. This is the latest in advancement of synthetic grass development, with the texture of the grass removing the problem of burning from falls and the softer texture also giving a softer feel underfoot. Colored Sands These products allow you to dress up or personalize your investment to match your décor or landscape. Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.25.32 PM

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Synthetic Turf has been installed in thousands of private residences and clubs around the Florida. All of our synthetic turf comes with UV protection which is very important in the southern states.p> p>Here are a few of the top qualities in our turf.

  • High Durability
  • Closely Mimics Natural Grass Appearance
  • Perfect for Residential Applications
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Meets ISO 9001:2008 Industry Standards
  • Premier Quality Materials
  • Nearly Maintenance Free

The use of a synthetic sports surface for your facility will reduce maintenance and running costs. Sport Surfaces LLC provides first class advice and well-credentialed partners dedicated to field and court maintenance. Your project deserves the best after sales service. Sport Surfaces LLC recommends a combination of professional servicing (six monthly normally recommended) and regular service (undertaken as needed by facility staff) in accordance with Maintenance and Operation Manuals. This will maximize usage for the synthetic surface and save precious money in the long term, most notably towards the end of the surface life expectancy. Surface maintenance options and advice on how to maintain your STI Surface is a standard service with every Sport Surfaces LLC installation.

Here is a list of some of our local Branch Offices:

  • Broward County Sports Surfaces 954-828-0116
  • Lee and Collier County Sports Surfaces 239-349-3722
  • Hillsborough and Pasco County Sports Surfaces 813-445-7290
  • Indian River County, Martin, St. Lucie Sports Surfaces 772-621-2899
  • Dade County, Monroe County (The Keys) Sports Surfaces 786-800-2511
  • Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Orlando Sports Surfaces 407-477-5508
  • Palm Beach County Sports Surfaces 561-964-2001